Qualifications Required:

  • 3 year Nursing Diploma or a Bachelors of Science in Nursing as minimum qualifications
  • Positions available only for Registered Nurses (RNs) holding current registration / license
  • A minimum of two years experience in a hospital (preferably 200+ beds)
  • Specialty nurses need one to two years in that area
  • English language

Salary/Income (Netto)

The salary, varies by: The hospital, Country, qualifications, area of specialty, years of experience and other skills the nurse may have to suit the position. Salary ranges for Staff Nurse between US $2,800 and US $3,800 per month, for Specialty Nurse between US $3,300 and US $4,300 per month, for Head Nurse / Nurse Manager between US $4,500 and US $6,000 per month. Please, keep in mind that this salary comes with a complete benefits package.

Benefits Package (Generic)

A) Type / Status

It is a single status contract (unaccompanied), accordingly cannot take any family member along. In case of manager position could be offered a Married Status contract and accordingly would be eligible to bring along your dependents, vary by hospital.

B) Contract Benefits

  1. Initial Hire Transportation: One-way initial hire airline ticket with routing Point of Origin to Point of Hire
  2. Housing: Suitable furnished accommodation will be provided free of charge, depending on position’s grade, though, most hospitals offer shared accommodation (a colleague of similar grade) some hospitals offer a “studio like” apartment unshared.
  3. Initial Contract: The initial employment agreement will be for a period of 12 or 24 consecutive months and will be renewed thereafter upon mutual agreement by the Hospital and the employee
  4. Additional Bonuses:
    • End of Contract Bonus (Nil to Four week pay) for each year of service completed (vary by hospital)

C) Annual Leaves, Holidays and Other leaves

  1. Thirty (30) to thirty six (36) calendar days annual paid vacation (vary by hospital)
    The Annual Leave Transportation (Economy Class Round Trip Ticket) will be provided from Point of Hire to Point of Origin
  1. Official Holidays (10-18 days, vary by hospital)
    • Ramadan Days (5-7 days/service year)
    • Haj Days (5-10 days/service year)
    • National Day (1 day/service year)

D) Medical Care Benefits:

Basic medical care insurance would be provided to all employees.

E) End of Service Benefit:

Regular employee shall be entitled to severance benefit up to 15 days for the first five (5) years of continuous service, and 30 days for each subsequent year of continuous service.

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